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Zety – unethical scam continues !Another facette of this fraud company: they reimburse you 3 months – as they know that most banking institues can only retrieve the last three months from a credit card. And when you re-ask them to also reimburse the rest of the scammed money (237 €) they send you this: Don´t ever use this website to build an supposedly “free CV template” which then costs a few dollars but only that they can access your credit card number! authorities should shut this company which sits in PUERTO RICO and LUXEMBURG down!Hi Cristina,Thank you for contacting Zety Help Center Customer Care.Hope this email finds you well!Unfortunately, we have issued the maximum number of refunds for this account, no more refunds will be issued.If you have any questions or concerns, simply reply to this email or give us a call at 844-673-7863.Monday – Friday 8 AM to 8 PM CSTSaturday 8 AM to 5 PM CSTSunday 10 AM to 6 PM CSTThank you,

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