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    Liar! This is a liar! This is a fraud gang! Now let me tell you about my personal experience of being cheated in wired: I registered in wired and uploaded my certificate, and the verification passed (I have a certificate). Then I deposited 1,000 euros and bought Btc and usdt. If I make a transfer, I will be prompted to refuse the transfer! Next, I didn’t get any reply by e-mail! Then online customer service consultation, tell me that there are restrictions on money transfer with honey? Have you figured it out? It’s my first transfer. Why is it restricted? riding crop I was told that I could withdraw my funds after a week. OK, I waited for a week, but I still couldn’t withdraw my funds. Then I consulted online support, and online support told me to wait another week? Do you think I am a child? A day later, an email came in saying that my account had not been verified? riding crop riding crop At this time, when I log in again, I will tell you that I can’t log in! I can’t do anything. They blocked my account. I asked for something irrelevant. 100% a liar. I am here to warn you! If you don’t deal with it, I will publish your ugly faces here every day! I didn’t consider deleting this comment until I received my money! Please return my hard-earned money!

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