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    NEVER FLY WITH VUELING!We went to fly with vueling and had checked in luggage. When we arrived at Malaga our luggage was no where to be found. They told us we could buy necessities for up to 50 euro’s a day as we didn’t have anything with us now for our holidays. It is now two months later and they are still “searching” for our luggage. Above all we now also have to decide between either getting a claim for the lost luggage or getting a claim for the money we spend on necessities during our holidays. Not both. The amount of the claim will be based on the weight of our luggage, which is an insane way of calculating the worth of our valuable personal items. Costumer service is horrible, as if they are trying to make it as difficult als possible to claim anything for them. I feel horrible about losing my personal belongings, but feeling scammed makes it even worse. I’m never flying with Vueling again and would advise against everyone.

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