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    ZERO STARS | SCAM | AVOIDPaid US$204.50 (NZ$365) for three Allen Stone tickets six weeks ago. Realised I couldn’t find the link to TicketMaster, so turned up to the venue (Aotea Centre) early – to be told that the tickets weren’t real and Viagogo are a known scammer. ‘Report it to your bank.’ Viagogo are telling me ‘no refund’ as I should have downloaded the tickets through Ticketmaster app 🙄 where I checked – and where they didn’t exist. Just vile. Don’t book through Viagogo and chuck your good money off a cliff. And tell everyone you know. We must put them out of business. Banks need to block payments to them. Report report report. AVOID AVOID AVOID.(And we need the option of no stars, Trustpilot.)

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