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Ukgvs (

    This is a scam companyThis is a scam company. All the positive reviews were written by people whose profiles were created a short time ago… and whose names do not exist in the real world, like the names of the consultants of the UK Global Visa Services! They grab your card details to check your eligibility and charged you huge amounts of money for doing nothing. Do not contact them. They are thieves in flash and blood!

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    1. They are scammers!!! Positive reviews are FAKE!!!
      I needed my visa urgently. They assured me I would get it within a 3-5 days period (priority service). After I did the payment (GBP 690 apart from government services fee), they told me it was a standard visa application, and that they never told me I would receive it within 5 days, and that I understood them wrong, and blah, blah, blah.We have finally agreed that they would reimburse GBP 200 on my account, but I would not claim monetary compensation beyond this amount. Also, that I would refrain from posting any disparaging reviews of the company. I’ve been trying to have my money back for 6 months now.
      Btw, I cancelled their application as soon as I understood they were scammers, and applied myself. Received my visa.

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