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    booking ID 21402525.Scam no customer service. Lost $1100AUWe are requesting a refund as they we were unable to board the flight which was no fault of their own but the airmalta due to staffing issues. We have also contacted Air Malta and they have informed us that because the booking was made through Tripmonster we have to request a refund from you. I am unable to contact you regarding refund through mytrips as I have contacted you several times and there has been no response. You can confirm with air mata that we did not board the flight as no staff at checkin. Please respond to the email and refund the fare costs on the origanal card of purchase. Airmalta- wrote following that it is your responsibility Upon reviewing the information that you haveprovided us with, we wish to inform you that allproceedings concerning refunds must beaddressed with the third-party website used atbooking since it was not made directly through AirMalta. Therefore, we are also unfortunatelyunable to provide you with any monetary refundsor proof of cancellation documents from our end.

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