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    What a terrible booking agent. TERRIBLE. I went onto their site after searching on chespflights for flights on the 15th of Nov. I went o to the site and again selected 15 November. However when I finished with the booking, it said my flight is TOMORROW 😡😡😡. I quickly wanted to change, and they said I can’t coz the flight is on less than 24hrs.. 3 mins hadn’t even passed but I couldn’t change the date. They said I must contact thei airline, of which I did and had to pay almost the same amount as the original booking to change the date.. I know for a fact I put in 15 November as my travel date. I’ve never made that mistake before. What a TOTAL SCAM!! I paid twice the price for 3 passengers. Never again, next time I’ll jusg book directly with the airlineThe booking no. Is 22155249

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