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    This is to clear up the issue with people receiving scam emails pretending to be from The Lenders List.. I used to own this company, The Lenders List, years ago but this company is closed down … Scammers are now sending emails saying that they can give loans if you send them a fee… THIS IS A SCAM and these emails are being sent by Indian call centre scammers and not by me.. even when you look at the email addresses these scammers are using, its a random email address.. please know that any email that say Lenders List is a SCAM..Please continue to give this page 1 star reviews so more people are aware this is a scam.Just to add I dissolved the company back in February 2021 but the process to close the business started about 18 months prior.PLEASE NEVER SEND THESE SCAMMERS MONEY THEY WILL NOT SEND YOU ANYTHING IN RETURN.

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