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    Just literally gone with my £50 and have the Audacity to threatened me. F****** Scammers. 👿👿👿Loan Transferred StatusIf you won’t pay activation fee £90 within 15 min this legal action will be taken against you and lose more than money as loan has been transferred this activation fee came up after transferring the Loan money .We were set up by Parliament to resolve individual complaints between financial businesses and their customers. We can investigate problems involving most types of money matters – from payday loans to pensions, pet insurance to PPI. If we decide someone’s been treated unfairly, we have legal powers to put things rightwhich will be affecting your personal and professional life. Also, companies can lodge complaints and must come with a lawyer in county court in London1. Affect your current Job When will block-listed your name2. You won’t get any loan from any bank or finance in future 100%3. Bank accounts will be closed and block-listed too and won’t get new accounts in Future4. IF you are getting any types of BENEFITS LIKE CARER ALLOWANCE JOB SEEKER ALLOWANCE,PRIVATE PENSION,CHILD TAX CREDIT ,PENSION CREDIT,DISABILITY BENEFIT, it can be stoppedIf you want the US to stop action on you if you pay the last fee of £90, we will stop further action as you have wasted DIRECT LENDER costly time. If you want to come to central London county court, come with your own solicitorThomas More Building, Royal Courts of Justice, Strand, London WC2A 2LL, United Kingdom(CAB)Citizen Advice Bureau,(FCA)financial conduct authority and financial ombudsman service(FOS) all financial agencies work under our policies your bank account can be charged £499 penalty on your name.

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