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    Lender List Uk Loan Ltd.I tried to get loan, I got email there was sais as my loan is approved I need just send them 20 pounds as insurance. I sent them 20 £, after that I called them to ask about what date I will have yo pay for loan and they said me we can set it up now, after then they asked me to send them 199 £ for paper work and they said I will get this money back straight away in 2 minutes with my loan 2000 . I said sorry I don’t have money that’s why I want to get loan, they said try to get money from your friend or family or someone else. I said no sorry I want to cancel this loan they said sorry but we can’t to cancel this because process is started and paper work already is ready, he said why you don’t believe me ? After this words I put my phone in a pocket. 100% scamers !

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