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Sweatco (

    After long time, I finally god a 10€ XBox giftcard.I submitted the form and waited 10 days. Sweatcoin says: “Our team will send you the reward within 7 days.” After that I wrote to the support and a person called “Eugenia” asked me to proof, that I submitted the typeform. After that: No answer, but I was actually spammed 15 times with the message “Acutally is it not possible to pay out sweat to paypal(…).” 5 Days later, a person called “Maria H” wrote me that she found my ticket and wan’t to help me. She answered me fast to my messages, until I provided my proof. Now: silence. She haven’t answered me. Now I’m sitting here and can only warn other persons before the scam. BUT: Sweatcoin, if you see this, contact me with my email on my profile @andreaslaroche. (Down date is the bought time)

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