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    Lets discuss the advantages: The payment is always fast. Sometimes I receive it within minutes, the longest would take within a day but it happens only for a few occasions. Other survey sites should be like Surveytime. Direct pay after completion, straight to the point no bs type of operation.The payment is usually between 0.50 to 1$. I always get 1$. It gets paid straight to your paypal. It’s quite high especially after you convert the currency. 1$ from Surveytime equals to 4.50$ in my currency so it’s worth it. I can easily make 20-30$ in my currency in one day.Now comes the disadvantage:(This doesn’t always happen, but I’ll mention it anyway)Sometimes you get kicked out in the middle of survey. Like I’ve actually spent solid 2-3 minutes in, and it says I’m not suitable for the survey. I don’t know if I’m really not suitable or the survey company is just scamming people. BUT, this doesn’t always happen. Most of the time I get to complete my surveys. Overall this is an amazing website to do surveys.

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