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    So far no (big) problems with this website.I’m very confused why this website has so many bad reviews. I have bought a couple of pets and did a couple of trades with the bots. I got the pets and nothing seems off to me. I was very skeptical when reading all the reviews, but still wanted to try the website. I have a feeling that the people that use the website and give bad reviews, actually don’t know how to use this service (most likely (impatient) kids).Yes there may be some problems sometimes with the bots not joining servers or the trade not working as expected. But I then just try again a few hours later and then it will work. The only thing that bothers me a lot, is that I do not know which pets are assigned to which bot. If i buy 20 pets. This could take up to 10+ trades. Since the pets are assigned to multiple bots. I wish I could see which pets each bot has, so I can buy from the bots themselves to make trading quicker and less time consuming.I was a bit confused when topping-up my account. As i used apple pay and they notified me I did infact pay. But I did not get redirected to the website and thought something went wrong. But after loading the website up again I saw the money in my account so it was all good.I have no experience with selling my own pets on the website as of today (I do read a lot of negative reviews with this service). So I do not know how everything works in this matter. But overall, I am happy with the service this websites provides. So far I have not been scammed and remember to always use an alt account when using a service like this!

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