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Scamhelp (

    Hi, i was scammed around somewhere in Januari. Lost a big amount of crypto by getting scammed. I thought this company could help me out with this, i chose for the company because it was in the Hague and there was a possibility people would be dutch (i am too) so we could work it out much easier. NO,NO,NO……. What a big mistake, if you already suffer from a loss it could break someone to spend another amount to recover the recent amount. Be aware, the only thing they did was let me send an E-mail to binance. Like thats the only thing in 1 year they did 😂. Now someone is going to react to my review with “oh ur case is still going”. I can laugh about it now but this is a company i would never and for real never involve in anything. Hope they can close their doors soon, because the work they do is pathetic.

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