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Scamhelp (

    Happy that I chose to open my case with Scam Help. Edan was very helpful from the beginning, he explained the process in a very precise way, so I had only to hand over all the documents to them and they started the process on my behalf. It required my involvement in certain stages, but all in all, the absolute majority of the work was done on their end. I have to post some documents to my bank, etc. Everything went just fine, even though the bank initially refused my claim. Scam Help got the regulators involved and then they put some pressure on my bank which resulted in partial recovery. I really appreciate your assistance!

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    1. Unprofessional company who have completely wasted my time and have miserably failed to recover my money due to their weak strategy. Their failed tactic goes by attacking your own bank. And once it failed, they have stopped responding to my emails. In a way i feel scammed by them. What an irony.

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