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Paul Valentine

    i ordered the advent calendar as a gift for my girlfriend who lives in another country and can’t visit that often, so I ordered on the 5th of October because i was leaving to see my girlfriend on the 29 of october. I paid 160€ and it would arrive 2 days later like it said on the site. 2 days go by nothing… a week goes by still nothing. I sent multiple emails to customer service. They were unhelpful and couldn’t give me ANY information. and the worst thing was i couldn’t get my money!!!. then I left to see my girlfriend, I came back home and then it arrived two days later on the 8th of November 34 DAYS LATE!!! When I said on the site “fast shipping in two day’s” this is UNACCEPTABLE and lying to your customers. and on top of that not giving their money back IT’S CALLED A SCAM!!

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