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Packetstream (

    They are a total SCAM company. I received one payment from them last year for $10 and thinking this was legit I left it running for almost 12 months then one day my dashboard gets an error so I left it running thinking it’s a glitch waiting for another month of so without ever hearing back from them. They literally stole my bandwidth for a whole entire year!!! They are based out of Los Angeles someone needs to look into filing a claim against them for al the stolen $$ from individuals all over!! If they have stolen your money you need to go and file a complaint against them this is their business address. 506 S Spring St 13308, Los Angeles, California, 90013, United States. lacityattorney(Dot)org/consumercomplaintsCalifornia Attorney generals office. gov/contact/consumer-complaint-against-business-or-companyRemove the (Dot) and insert a . to get to actual site. If enough people act they will take on an investigation where they will have to prove that people actually violated their TOS and not to steal the earned income.

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