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    Please stay away from this travel agent. By far the worst customer service and booking experience I had come across. Booked a round-trip ticket 2 months back on Kuwait Airlines. They continue to contact me asking to avail of travel insurance for another $119. When I tried to use the services for travel changes, OOJO will charge in the name of Airline charges and something called “recalled commissions”. When I call them and started disputing, they put me on hold for 45 mins and started transferring me to so-called escalation services. After 4 different so-called “managers”!! one of them apologized that there was a mistake and can partially refund the “recalled commissions”. I am now going to officially complain to BBS and other review sites and will dispute the charges with my credit card services. Requesting you stay away from these scammers in the name of travel agents. All those 5-4 star reviews are most likely fake.

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