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    This smells like a scam, and acts like one. First of all they want a credit card just to ask the owner where the garage is. The owner must “approve” a “reservation” in order to communicate and then the credit card is charged. In my case, the “owner” did not actually control the space and tried to switch me from a garage to a covered space. In the meantime, Neighbor charged me for the 1st month’s rent. I tried calling the 801 number on the credit card charge but there apparently is no such number. I emailed support — nothing…. The “owner” is still listing garage as available however. SCAM!!!!A second owner tried to limit the times I could access the garage to a 4 hour slot 5 days a week with advance notice. Total waste of time and, obviously, at best a hassle to get a refund for a product that doesn’t exist.

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