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    AVOID MYSTAKE AT ALL COSTS!!! THEY ARE SCAMMERS!!They waste your time and try to keep your deposited money for as long as possible. Firstly the account verification takes stupidly long, and you cant withdraw without that. Once that’s done, they ask you to wager your entire deposit before you can withdraw. Once you done that, they will ask you to send a picture if your CARD for verification, then claim you can withdraw after. After you’ve done that, they will tell you that you have to wager your deposit AGAIN with 1.3 ODDS NOW. Not to mention that the withdrawal process is manually accepted by someone?? So they can give you a new task each time and deny your withdraw requests. Awful site and awful experience. I still haven’t been able to withdraw. These people will waste your time as much as they can and do whatever it takes so that you don’t withdraw and keep betting your money until it’s gone. Save yourself the time and stress and use literally ANY other betting site and it will be better than this.

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