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Myforexfunds (

    I have observed under News that they freeze one’s MT5 up to several times. I have written to them that there is a problem with it but they claim that it is because I am on iOS. I have other accounts on other broker and is not a problem. Today I had trades running where i couldn’t close my trades without a hard breach.I have shown the journal and its clearly says that it had lost connection to their servers. Even as clear as day they told me it was my device which had issues.It is possible that there are many 5 star reviews but it is irrelevant to trading and is only about their support.They are fishing for good reviews but it is a total scam prop company.After reading multiple one star’s reviews i have noticed they will find issues to not payout your profit, they will use copytrading or something else as excuses. They are making these rules to benefit themselves. Stay Away.My account number is 300333646

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