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    I will slightly go against the reviews here, which I completely understand, as my initial experience was the same. I did subscribe last year for the PRO service, which as a music teacher used too, it’s good value for money if you keep using the site.However, the auto-renewal.feature is quite obscure and comes without any warning before the date comes up, so you get caught out. Which has just happened to me, just in the middle of a personal family turmoil, where I was attending to a medical emergency and that included giving up my teaching jobs and moving countries. So, already strapped for money, the charge going out on a Monday was more than unwelcome. I emailed repeatedly Musescore and the way their communication channels get confusing and cross over meant that first I got refused for a refund but the next moment an email for refund did come through, so all in all, the experience ended positively. But, for anyone who works there and reads this, you need to get your act together and give much clearer communication regarding the charges and tidy up the policies so they don’t come across scammy. I am looking for a remote job right now, I teach music and I have vast customer service experience too, fancy employing me?

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