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    I will never buy from this company again, and here’s why:They continually run a ‘special’ offering a free set of towels with their sheets. They sell silver infused towels. The towels you get are NOT Miracle towels: They are another brands.As a marketing professional myself, I find this a disgusting misuse of trying to land a sale. If they were just upfront with people in their marketing, i would feel differently, but every time they run this special i look carefully and notice they go out of their way to hide this from the consumer. This is called a BAIT AND SWITCH, AKA a SCAM. Why not be up front with this? Why lead people on?I waited for this special to run back around to ensure i wasn’t mistaken..unfortunately, there’s no denying it. Miracle brand, please fire whoever convinced you running a scam on consumers was ok. This says way too much about your brand and it’s bad press.

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