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    Its a scam, me and my friend have been scammed last night, as we are fools to spend USDT 12,500 in to it for whopping profits. our wallet at the moment stands at USDT 410,000 but we can’t take a penny out of it because it is mentioned by the customer service that we have to pay 10% tax before withdrawing the money and that tax can not be deducted from the gains. So now we have to pay USDT 34,000 approx to get our money back and our own USDT 12,000 are stuck there forever. Actually, my friend got honey trapped through picture of a nice Chinese woman living a luxurious life, driving amazing cars and convincing him that he can live this life too. Me being a fool never back checked the pictures and website authenticity and got greedy. i have avoided such traps in the past from Tinder and Instagram, but this time both of us got stuck, as everything was so smooth for us idiots. Initially from my other account to check the authentication of the website I gained a few hundred USDT through future swaps, and then deposited all that amount in to my friend’s account along with USDT 4500 more. I am very sure that it was not a woman, even it was a woman we got scammed just before the year end making it another worse year. Please watch out for such scams and honeytraps. *I have posted the same on other websites*

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