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Litfad (

    This company is a fraud. I paid nearly $2,000 for a rug and table from Litfad. Waited two months for delivery. The products delivered bear no resemblance to the online images. Now I read up on the company and learn it is a fraud. Have exchanged dozens of emails and they refuse to refund me. I’ve lost $2,000 and am angry and embarrassed to have been scammed. I need that money back. The products are not only fraudulent knock-offs, but they are dangerous and unusuable. Can’t even attach the table top to the bases. The company suggests I drill holes into the table top, which will not work, because the bolts are threaded. The items are unusable and now they say I need to ship everything back to China. This is supposedly a UK company. I’ve read about them scamming thousands of people.

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