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    DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. JEWELRY IS LOWEST QUALITY JUNK IVE EVER SEEN. Better stuff in a kids gumball machine. I purchased a wedding ring set 18 kt gold over 925 sterling silver lab created diamond. Guaranteed will NEVER tarnish. Claims it’ll last a lifetime. Didn’t last a week! 5 days after receiving it the ring tarnished, turned my finger green, diamonds fell out of the side and the supposed 18 kt gold chipped off to unveil what looks like literally cheap metal underneath. I wore it 4 times and took off at night and whenever washing my hands. I Sent Lias jewelers a message that I wanted to return the ring and they immediately blocked me from sending any more messages. Sent an email requesting a refund and no one has responded. My husband is an attorney so he has a surprise coming to Lias Jewelers. This type of fraud and scam needs to be stopped. Do not spend a dime on their junk. The dime is worth more than the jewelry! 100% fraud scam liars!

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