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    This company is a Scammer, after you are funded they have a lot of stupid reasons to no pay

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    1. Don’t trust Level up society, don’t trust Lambo Raul (at least people now know where does he have money from. I will give you hint. It isn’t from trading but from professional scamming). I passed both challenges and traded live 200k account. I had profits under 2k+ refund and they never paid. Now they are trying to say I breached some rules. They are constantly changing rules and they are constantly trying to find reasons not to pay u. They block my account and now I can start from beginning bc they gave me new phase 1. Their respond? “We believe in second chances” bullshit. They waisted months of my time and effort. Truth is they are in B books so they are not trading same trades on live accounts so they profit just from people failing challenges… Basically if you have brain in your head, you can see ponzi scheme… Just pay traders until enough people are failing and when too much people will be profitable, we they are fu*ked… Now they are running out of the money and completely deleted they discord, support also sucks. You are waiting days for respond..Please if you hate your money, buy challenges from them and if you love your money, spread this message to protect people from these idiots. It is SCAM and everyone who gets paid until now is really luck that he/she gets on the boat sooner… If you want proofs, contact me and I can show you. I am not only one I know they are doing it to….. Shame on you Raul

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