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    Kelini heater , it’s just an over priced scam . Unbranded box, noisy and no Temp thermostat . Tried to return and they are basically ignoring my request. My Dad bought one and they have told him it will cost him £60 plus to return and his heater was damaged. Very expensive to run and you would be better off getting a cheap halogen. Apparently the Kelini is not earthed or fused making it unsafe. When I asked about this the response was a test certificate that did not mention anywhere Kelini and was a series of numbers which made no sense and was likely a brush off. I have also noticed they are somehow intersecting info online. When you type in Kelini scam they are writing their reviews under that heading and also dispute the scam claims so dodgy all round. I am just on the phone to my bank to request a charge back as I expected the corrupt company will delay doing anything until after 30 days. It’s a cheap foreign piece of rubbish so do avoid.

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