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    I, too, wanted to renew on a Black Friday special, but remembered that last year they tried to scam me with their monthly fee for a service I did not order, nor need. I have used System Mechanic for many years, and highly recommended it. But now, they no longer have a 1-800 phone line (free long distance call), and they continually attempt to charge you the $20.00 USD (which translates to close to $30.00 CAD now with the extreme exchange rates as I live in Canada) extra every month. I finally got my bank’s credit card company to place a total stop on that for my account when I last renewed last year. But now am not sure I’d dare renew if I had to go through this ridiculous scam/hassle again. I’d call them if I wasn’t long distance from Canada. What a way to ruin their reputation, I would have been a life long customer!

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