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    My account was suspended, and I was asked for ID verification. GrabPoints requested a lot of information, a copy of my ID, and a selfie. I did everything they asked me, they told me that by submitting this information my account will not be suspended anymore.After two months, my account became suspended again, and when I asked them about the reason, they told me that I had violated the terms and conditions.”the investigation uncovered fraudulent activities”What do you mean “fraudulent activities”?! Give me a specific reason. They NEVER give you an APPROPRIATE answer! It has been more than a year since I registered. I know very well how the site works and what I should be careful not to do. I certainly will not risk closing my account after it has been verified! But surely it was only a lie to steal your important personal information and then close the account and waste your time and effort because as you can see now there are a lot of reviews from people whose account has been closed.I do not encourage at all to participate in the site, a waste of time. It is clear that they only want to take this sensitive information (your ID, your address, your selfie) and then close your account and do not respond to you.

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