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    Stay away from global one markets, they always invent new stories to get more money from you. Don’t talk to the finance department, you will never get your money back. I have been robbed of 45 000 $. They will ask money for insurance just to stay break even if anything goes south. And then, they will ask money for IMF inspection, avoiding a red flag, because the ratio of profit is too high, and then they will ask for a 35 % tax to be paid in Switzerland, before withdraw your money from your wallet. But they put the money of tax in the wallet and they are telling you it will be refunded to you, very suspicious way of collecting taxes for Switzerland. They ask my swift code to make the transfer to my bank account, but never ask for my bank account, so they were not able to make the swift transfer. They are big scammers, liars, thieves. They are rude, trying to make you feel guilty, they will insult you, Finally, they say your money was sent to the Ombudsman in Switzerland and that it is officially lost and illegal. Please stay away, you will never see you money againMarc CorriveauCanada

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