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    Rigged. Don’t even know why I even bother. Don’t waste your time and just play live poker. With all the bots, RTA, and god knows what this company does behind our back to rig the game – just stay away. I wasted so much time playing this just to find out this game is rigged. literally, 95% of my sessions im under EV. I understand preflop ranges, know how to play post-flop, of course some parts of my games have leaks in it but you can’t tell me that I play at 5, 10, and 25 nl and people still always end up winning their flips, showing up with AA vs AK preflop, bink their flush draws on the river when I give them terrible pot odds to call. Don’t know how else to explain it. Got AA? Yeah no worries, your opponents will fold 90% of the time pre, Got AK? No worries, your opponent will have AA/KK if they end up calling and shoving preflop 80% of the time. Wouldn’t even recommend this poker site to my worst enemies. At least they invest that scammed money on a nice poker interface – But again, they probably do that to try and lure more naive people in and take their money.My advice? Stick to live poker, at least you know they’re not using RTA or are bots because they’re not always gonna show up with AA all the time when you have AK preflop. Literally a soul-sucking game for apparently the best poker site in the world.

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