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    This site is a scam. I have zero doubt their business model is to steal crypto from people through rigged poker. Have the nuts? Suddenly your opponents have soul reading capabilities and are able to fold trips and flushes to your full house. Raise a nut flush draw on AKT? Your opponents hero call multiple streets with 22 on all the boards where the flush doesn’t come and folds when it does. Absolute scam site, do not play here, it is not a legit site. Also, note that while they can immediately accept your deposit, they won’t let you withdrawal your money except in $500 increments and they delay each request for days. SCAM! AVOID!!Edit: Response to GG’s response. The problem isn’t your RNG, the problem is that you have access to hole card information and use bots to outplay everyone and steal their money then blame it on variance.

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