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    There’s no option to put -0000000!!! Biggest fraud & scam company! Ordered a suitcase from them over 2 months ago and waiting to this day to receive them. When I track them, it says they were “delivered” which they have not – “delivered” to a different place than the one I live in. DO NOT trust this company and save yourself the pressure and nerves. This company should not be allowed to exist and I truly hope they get shut down sooner other than later and potentially face legal charges for all the scams they’ve caused to people. I am praying that happens – THEY DON’T deserve any respect & anything!!! BEWARE FROM THEM AND DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY. Everything is a scam from them. Ignore at all costs.

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    1. Yes I’m in the same situation. Tracking stated delivered to a NSW address but I’m in QLD. Have emailed 23 times. At first I thought they would help but have not answered the last 2 emails.

    2. I guess you got your wish, I too ordered the suitcases, have been emailing back and forth since October 2022. They responded to emails up to December 22, 2022. The provided a tracking number and it was delivered to Puerto Rico and Not Florida where I live. Their last email stating to give them time to retrieve the package from the wrong address and re-deliver to me… didn’t happen. My last email January 5, 2023 bounced back saying undeliverable to The website is not up any longer either. They just kept saying be patient and you will receive your order. Waste of money, time, and effort.

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