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    Buyer beware!!!!!Not just bad customer service-NO customer service. These guys are 100% scam artists and they will make YOU out to be the bad guy. How any company at this day can survive being rude and unwilling to take any responsibility is beyond me. They need to be put out of business before they high jack more people’s hard earned money. It’s sad.Beware that they WILL fraudulently withdraw money from your acct without warning!!! Do not, do not, DO NOT waste a second with these jerks! Find a reputable company that cares about the customer and isn’t out to take your money no matter what. I’m in disputes with my bank to retrieve the money they illegally withdrew from my acct and refuse to credit back.

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    1. Agree, they stole money from my account..I didn’t order anything, they told me by logging in, the set up meals and delivery. They delivered box when I was out of town, rotting on my deck. Go to the grocery store, this is a scam and the recipes are stupid

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