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Earnhaus (

    This company is the biggest scam….I had 5 surveys in reviews and according to their FAQ page, it will take a few days to review and you receive payment but they have been reviewing mine for a month and said some will be completed by October 31 and here it is November 1 and two of the surveys that is supposed to be finished by October 31 has disappeared and no explanation of why or where it is…..I got 3 more in review but I’m not wasting my precious time on that garbage…..all the other surveys will let you know right away if you qualify or don’t….all of us who is retired or disabled or even have to stay home with kids could use that extra money even though it’s not much, every little bit helps…..this company is crooked and they will make excuses why you haven’t received payment but at least they should let you know in timely manner why you didn’t qualify for the survey instead of saying it’s in review and then they disappear without an explanation..GOOD GRIEF!!

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