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Donefirst (

    This is my second review on this scam! My friend has been suffering and the doctor has not gotten back to him and he’s getting close to killing himself because he’s been struggling and he can’t get them to respond to his messages. If you want to get help but only for the first time and then be ignored after you have had a routine and schedule on medication that’s been helping you and then when you’re out of your meds on a scheduled time and they send the medication to a pharmacy that’s out and then he updates the pharmacy and they continue to send it to the same pharmacy that’s out and they ignore him and has no customer service what so ever and be ignored this is the place for you they have no care for the patients. But the best part is they TOOK HIS MONEY! What A BULL(SH!)T SCAM DO NOT USE THEM THEY HURT MORE THAN THEY HELP!!!!!!!

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