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    I have placed many orders over the last 3 months with no problem, but suddenly my account is closed for safety reasons. I cannot reach customer service, the live chat is only a bot. It won’t look up order numbers for a different account. If you click the agent link, it never connects and the window closes. If you ask for help because your account is closed, the bot asks if you want to close your account. It is unusable. I have 9 orders outstanding, 4 haven’t shipped yet. I cannot reach anyone. My affiliate account is also closed with no links to reach anyone. I have emailed the three addresses I found, but no response. This is fraud. My order numbers are 3473257132, 3478875939, 3485750701, 3485750702, 3487696337, 3487696338, 3487696339—->Edit: rep responded here with a link, but I cannot use the link or the live chat as my account is closed and I cannot log in. The rep said to send her photos, but rep has not provided an email address to do so.

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