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    I’m very disappointed in this pillow, the Return Policy, and the customer service. The pillow arrives folded in half (thats right in half) and vacuum sealed in its packaging. The only way to see if you like it is to open the packaging and let the pillow unfold and expand. I found the pillow to be extremely hard and not comfortable. This is fine as not all pillows suit – HOWEVER If you read the return policy – the pillow can’t be returned if the packaging is opened!!! But how are you meant to tell if you like the pillow if you have to OPEN the packaging so that the pillow can expand to its full size???This is very disappointing – at least provide the pillow to the customer fully expanded and at its proper size – while in the packaging – so you can see if its right for you – without removing the packaging. Otherwise let the customer return it for a full refund.The way this company’s return policy reads is if you open the packaging – the pillow can’t be returned. BUT BECAUSE the pillow is delivered folded in HALF and vacuum sealed (so shrunk from its natural thickness) you have NO way to tell if it suits. Ridiculous!! I feel like I have been scammed.

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