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    They recently blocked me and said it’s for fraud and I “provided fake information”. They never explained what kind of fraud or fake info they received from me. They said they cannot share. I am confident in myself and in the information I enter throughout surveys. I always read all questions to make sure the information I provide is accurate. So I cannot trust what they are saying. They just send me a standard response that they probably send everyone and never actually check what was the reason for this unfair ban. They just blame me for everything and never provide any proof. It’s not a trustworthy company.(Response/update: I have 2 tickets that say “solved”, but they are not. They keep saying they do not share the reason (just a fraud without explanation) and the block is permanent ticket #1444099 and #1447276. The ID265226237)Update 2: This feedback is for yoursurvey but as I understand it’s the same company as it says CINT on the top of their support page and the webpage address indicates cint

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