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    ALERT SCAMMERS. My wife and I joined cashfxgroup about 1,5 years ago with $500 each and at First we believed in the company and our upline invited us to a facebook group where we could talk with other investors. However it was already clear that there were issues with withdrawal and my upline informed not to withdraw until I reached 100k which would take about 5 years. Then later it was changed it will take 6 years and more and more complaints came in, also they started to push me to bring in more people to the platform, but I said NEVER and they started to be very aggresive towards me, so I decided also to give it a test and withdraw $200 where 20% was fee… I waited like everyone else and never received a small amount, then I started to ask questions in the facebook group, and because I was apparently asking the same question to many times about the withdrawal process, I was eventually banned from the facebook group just because I was asking critical but fair questions. Not much of a support group. And now I don’t even receive the mail anymore stating how much the weekly return has been, but my account is still active, so I guess they simply just stopped “paying” their investors and kept all the money. DONT SIGN UP, IT IS A SCAM

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