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    So for all the negative Nellie’s out there. Screaming cashFX is fake or a scam as they’ve not paid out for a year please keep an ear wigged for the next stage. There is no trading currently with Everfx the trading is done in house by Edwin Abad and his experienced team. The negators on here claim it’s crashed as not paying out and in many other cases that’s the truth. But, cashFX still sends weekly profits to back offices and still keeps in contact through its own back office system. Believe or don’t it’s of little concern to us as to what you personally believe. But we stand firm and committed to it’s future. The mission to lift people out of poverty on a small investment of $300 is still strong. The reason for 3 stars ? Well until the next phase begins I can’t go any higher with payouts suspended for a year. That will soon change. Trust or don’t trust? That’s your decision not mine.

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