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    This company is a complete scam. They have broken every U.K. rule on trading in this country and ignore your consumer rights on 14 day cooling off period and your right to cancel. They have already stolen money off most before we the consumer get wise to their scam. Even if you cancel your form of payment they still think they have the right to pursue you for a product that you DO NOT USE. Action. All need to complain to whoever they used to take your money Search complaints to Visa, Mastercard and PayPal and submit a complaint. Once you have done that there is a link to the FCA and the financial ombudsman to also register a complaint. It’s Wild West scammers like these that give e-commerce a bad reputation. The more complaints the better.Edit 8th November. You can see by their reply below that this service is nothing than a scam trap designed to lock the unsuspecting into something they do not want. It is not a product or a service it’s a SCAM.Ignore their nonsense and see them in court.. which of course it will never get too.REPORT ALL INCIDENTS TO

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