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    I recently started trading with this company. At first everything went well and I withdrew small amounts earned. However, then I was lucky and I was able to make quite an impressive amount of $ 4,500 on the stock exchange. And on Friday, 11/11/22, I go to my account, AND IT IS BLOCKED!!!!! WITH ALL THE MONEY!!! Then I received a letter that they no longer want to cooperate with me (WITHOUT EXPLANATION OF REASONS!!!) and they allow me to withdraw 1250 dollars, and they withdraw the rest from me as COMPENSATION!!! Compensation of WHAT, of course, they didn’t explain to me! But the icing on the cake of this situation is the following: when I wrote to them, how can I withdraw at least these 1250 dollars, when my account is blocked, in the support they answer me that they made a mistake, and I cannot withdraw a single cent, since I have already withdrawn before of this money and in the amount there turned out to be 1250 dollars! What a twist! That is, they first write an official letter, a scanned copy with a signature, where they indicate the withdrawal amount of $ 1,250, and then they explain in support that they “made a mistake” and I can’t withdraw anything! There are simply no words here. THIS IS A PURE SCAM!!! Theft of money!!! That is, you can lose in Admiral Markets without problems and no one “compensates” for the lost money, but as a person manages to make a profit, no one will give this profit to him and the account will immediately be blocked! Beauties, do not say anything. This company has no principles at all. Do not contact them, in no case – they will not allow you to withdraw profits !!!

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