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Payback Ltd (

    We paid 3 years ago 3800 euros to recover our money from scamming. Adam Faidi promised us to be refunded after 2 to 4 months trough their invtervention. Natalie Levinger was the manager. Now it turns out that they are no longer working there.Even after much insistence, we are hardly get an answer when we send them an email for more information. From the moment you pay them the full amount (with us it was 3.800 euros) they don’t even contact you anymore.It’s been months now. We enlisted them to recover our money from scamming, but have now also lost the money we paid them. They do not contact anyone themselves. We had to contact the bank’s ombudsman an other authorities. We were cheated a second time and lost a lot of money again. We are retired and certainly not rich people. Scandalous.

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