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Payback Ltd

    This company is a scam!!They promised to recover funds I got stolen in ebay, and instead they were trying to scam me again.Its all fishy right form the start, they never give any sort of credentials, they have no support for any of the entities that are involved in the transactions, such as lawfirms, escrow services, etc. They will always expect you to transfer them money through crypto currency, and always advice you not to wire transfer using a bank account, which doesnt make any sense.Needless to say, It was all a big lie. They said they were able to recover my funds, but that I should first transfer their commision. I told them to deduct it from the funds recovered of course, but that they couldnt do that. When I started asking questions they got violent and thretened litigation against me. Of course I stoped interacting with them, for I was heading into a new scam.So be worned, this guys are scamers, they will promise you the moon and instead make you lose more money.

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